Thoughts and Deeds

where the potential decides what becomes actual

My Poetry

The Trees

It’s happening

The trees are growing roots in the sky

Nurtured in the unchanging earth

And being whipped around in the wind and warmed by the sun.

Rings their milestones, cycles their markers

They are drawn ever deeper, ever higher

It’s happening

The trees are growing roots in the sky


 First Impressions

Momentary beauty
in what may have been a dream
mysterious and lovely
quiet and serene

if in a dream it was we met
appropriation of
all beauty and truth beget
you; mysterious icon

Haunting my imagination
puzzling vapors and remnants
the you of my creation
thought of which leads to divinity


The wave

In the truest form.
Something in the mist.
On the edge of existing.
The Movement of the water over the sand.
Graceful in it’s quiet, calm, rhythmic, breath.

Pen to Page
Feasible and tangible
on the tip of your tongue
The feeling remains but the words won’t come
Choppy and uncertain. Tensing then relaxing. Belief then unbelief
The vastness of the sea, building, taking shape.

Furious Transposing
The reason and the rhymne are one
The time has come to pass
He whispers as he walks the way, “No one wave is the last”
The Wave, white capped and fierce crashes against the cliffs
Dread fills my heart as the tide comes in, it’s song my spirits lift

The calm must come to carry on, the cadence of the deeps
I find rest, and am challenged by the secrets that they keep
If truly this is the first of many enigmatic waves
I pray that I might be all caught up and in the beauteous torrent be found safe.



  mosaicspeakeasy wrote @

i love the way you write. =) keep it up
peace and grace,

  geektechnique wrote @

Thank you!

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